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Condi Rice is actually black!

"Africans and Europeans came here and founded this country together - Europeans by choice and Africans in chains," Rice told the Washington Times. "That's not a very pretty reality of our founding."Condoleezzaricer


I am so glad it's the weekend!!

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Corinne Bailey Rae's husband dies (overdose?)

It used to feel like heaven
It used to feel like may
I used to hear those violins playing heart strings like a symphony
Now they've gone away
Nobody wants to know the truth
Until their hearts broken
Don't you dare tell them
What you think to do
Till they get over
You can only learn these things
From experience
When you get older
I just wish that someone would have told me
Till it happens to yo

I think it's Joss Stone ..

The Kills

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Courtney Love: I Am Not Bipolar

Writing on her MySpace blog, she says: "God, people are bats**t. And im (sic) not the one who is. And I hear now I am "Bi Polar" uhhhh…that’s more nuts than I will ever be. I may be Eccentric, I certainly speak my mind and am slow to put out a record I need to mean the world to ME, and im sure I am quite Nuerotic (sic) but 'Bi Polar'. Thats just slander.I shoot straight from the hip and spellcheck has NOTHING to do with REALITY."

Star Wars Anniversary

Turtle Sandwich

Gordon Brown is an Amy Winehouse Fan

With her Grammy wins and high paid gig offers, Amy Winehouse clearly has fans in the music and fashion worlds - but it looks like she’s got a supporter in the world of politics too.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown told the Mirror recently that he’s a big fan of the Back to Black star: “Amy is incredibly talented, with an incredible voice. She may be troubled but as much as anything I think she’s simply misunderstood. She is as talented as she is misunderstood.”

Kate Moss Scolded by Police for Dancing on Jim Morrison's Grave

Kate Moss sparked anger in Parisian cemetery Pere Lachaise after apparently dancing on the secluded grave where Doors legend Jim Morrison is buried, with her boyfriend, Kills guitarist Jamie Hince. According to reports, the pair were cautioned by police for their rowdy behaviour after being let in by security guards after the famed landmark had closed to the public.

"It was hilarious and they left to get ready for Jamie's concert with his band The Kills still laughing and singing the main refrain from 'Alabama Song'."

She is also shown exiting a casino after apparently winning big. That looks sordid so I'll also show her modelling her fifth TopShop line - she was in Mexico when I was.

Johnny & Edgar

Todd Smallwood with Bill Clinton

Whatever Happened to Rick Derringer? You know .. from the McCoys (Hang on Sloopy?)

Bill and Barack

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

nekkid Amy?

She has impetigo or MRSA, they say. She bought a tanning bed, they say.
George Clooney and Julia Roberts are trying to pay her a million bucks to sing at the
NYC Costume Institute party, they say. Bryan Adams is writing her a song, they say.

Who knows ..