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I Was Mesmerized

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Chagall & A Couple of Giacomettis

Courtney got her bangs cut

She wants her own tv show.

How is Amy Doing?

Amy Winehouse is surviving rehab by watching films of 1950s screen icon Marilyn Monroe. The Back to Black hitmaker’s father, Mitch, said that Winehouse’s love for the late actress is helping her through her daily battle with drugs. Amy is very ill and is suffering horrific withdrawal symptoms - shivering and constantly throwing up. Her body is expelling all the rubbish, The Sun quoted Mitch, as saying. “One thing helping Amy is her Marilyn Monroe films. Amy loves Some Like It Hot. Shes a huge fan of Monroe and thinks shes wonderful, he added.

Kate Moss is a Good Cook

Kate Moss is always trying new recipes

Supermodel Kate Moss is a good cook and loves spending her weekends baking indoors, says her friend. reports that Moss enjoys going through cookbooks and cooking meals at home. "She's a really good cook and enjoys serving up a feast for family and friends.

You'd never think it because she is so slim, but she loves to tuck into a home-cooked meal. She is always trying out new recipes and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty," said a source close to her.

News returns to Normal

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Caroline Kennedy

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Charlotte Rampling

k d lang


Kate Moss & Her Mom

The Sun

A RECORD label supremo used shock tactics to prove to AMY WINEHOUSE she has a serious drugs problem.
The world through the eyes of the Back To Black star will be looking a lot different today. And by the sounds of the serious dressing down she received from her boss LUCIAN GRANGE, a few harsh words will be ringing in her ears, too.

He presented Amy with a huge collection of newspaper cuttings from around the world documenting her downfall. A source at Universal Music Group said: “Lucian got his international marketing manager to find and copy every piece of press from around the world. It took the guy two days.

“Lucian then laid everything out in his huge office and summoned Amy. He told her to have a good look, then tell him she hasn’t got a problem with drugs. “It did the trick.”

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Amy Winehouse Allegedly Smokes Crack In Online Video

British tabloids

Monday, January 21, 2008




A Sunday newspaper claimed that the aging supermodel drew quite a crowd when she joined a man and two female models for some four-in-a-bed action in a suite at London’s Dorchester Hotel.

Long Lens

Britney or Homeless

How awful does Britney Spears feel her life is right now? She told the paparazzi in a British accent, "you're better off being homeless than being me, sir." In a video posted on Hollywood.TV, Spears complained "it's been a long time since I had fun."
The photographers then asked Spears if she had something to tell Adnan Ghalib, the photographer she's been hanging out with recently. Spears replied that she didn't know who that was. Spears said she "never met him."

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Peace Coffee


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Pee Wee

In Everett?


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Hitting the British Tabloids Again

I got my painting of her from Christy - came today from Louisiana. It's on my piano.

But now she went and changed her hair ..

Newly blonde Amy Winehouse: alcohol is worse than heroin

“Drinking long-term is a lot worse than doing heroin. Alcohol’s a real poison. I’m not a nice drunk. If I go to the gym and I have a drink, I’m lovely to be around.”

“But if I haven’t been training or if there’s something bothering me, I’m a terrible drunk.”

“There are certain instances where I’ll be out and I’ll be drunk, and I’ll come to work and I’ll be shattered.”

“Then there are other days where I’m like, ‘Listen, if you want to have a nice day, please get me some alcohol’.”

“I’m of the school of thought where if you can’t sort something out for yourself then no one can help you.”

“I don’t know whether that’s because I’m a strong woman.”

A friend told the Sun: “Amy decided she wanted to bleach her hair at the beginning of the week. She sees it as a new year and a new start. A change of image seemed a good way to mark it.”

“She didn’t do it herself. A hairdresser coloured and styled it. It hasn’t been all cut off. She’s still got long hair.”

“When we asked her why she had done it she simply said, ‘I felt like it.’”

Today's Important News

Amy Winehouse spends the night in a hotel room with Mark Ronson
Britney Spears wants to marry paparrazo boyfriend and turn muslim
Paul McCartney spends $16,000 on presents for Heather Mills
Britney Spears steps out with paparazzo boyfriend in wedding dress
Nicole Richie was surprised she had a girl
Christina Aguilera gives birth to a boy!
Madonna defends her charity
Jessica Alba will be a 'fantastic mother,' says Dane Cook
Daryl Hannah posed as a pedophile for sex slavery documentary
Jennifer Lopez feels like a "different person" since becoming pregnant
Johnny Depp "never wanted to be an actor"
Kate Moss and Kelly Osbourne open their own nightclub
Victoria Beckham set to appear on the cover of Vogue


Republican "Humor"

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Marion Jones is So Fine


Snow in Baghdad

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Bumper Sticker