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Paris Parties Like It's 1999


Penquin 2007

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Pyramid Song

"Pyramid Song"

I jumped into the river
Black-eyed angels swam with me
A moon full of stars and astral cars
And all the things I used to see
All my lovers were there with me
All my past and futures
And we all went to heaven in a little row boat
There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt

There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt
There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt

Last Night

Fatherless, Motherless, Pointless

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For Christy

Miss France on the Cross

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don't know the origin of this piece - I got it from the website of Islam, from Cairo

Amy Winehouse's husband has illegal cell phone in prison

Amy Winehouse`s husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, is using a mobile phone in prison. Blake smuggled it in and is illegally using it.

A source, who is currently in Pentonville prison, north London, says Blake is talking with Amy and friends in the music industry from his cell.

- I don’t think Blake realises how much trouble he’s in if the screws find it. – a source told The Sun.

If it gets out that Amy or any other visitor gave the mobile phone to Blake, the police will also get involved.

Angelina Goes Vanilla

Angelina Jolie of the Holy Order of BDSM Bi-sexuality Claims Brad Pitt Made Her Boring In Bed!

Blah, blah, blah, hot ass Angelina Jolie's denouncing her former, steamy sex life in favor of plain ole boy / girl missionary sex with Brad Pitt. The becoming-less-sexy-by-the-day lesbian icon recently told The Sun, "I've never hidden my bi-sexuality but since I've been with Brad, there's no room for that or S & M in my life."

This from the woman who nailed Billy Bob Thornton in the back of a limo enroute to an awards show and bragged about it to the press while sporting a vial of Billy's blood around her neck. No more girls, no more knife play? Why hast thou forsaken us Angie? Whatever, I'm sure Brad's good at a boring old man-on-top bang but throw us a bone here.

These bi-sexual celebs are always touting their affinity for girls but wind up permanently attached to a dude i.e., Angie, Megan Mullalley and Pink. Gals, it's time to put your money where your mouth or put your mouth… well, you get the picture.

(Thx Bert) Originally from WIRED


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie kept their promise to stay out of the kitchen on Christmas Day -- the couple was spotted picking up McDonald's Happy Meals in New Orleans, La.

In recent interviews, Jolie revealed she's a terrible cook and would not be responsible for serving up food treats for her partner and their four kids on Christmas Day.

And it seems Pitt wasn't about to step in and cook up the festive fare -- he was spotted at the wheel of a mini-van as the family grabbed boxed fast food for lunch.

Benazir Bhutto

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City of WOmen


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Freedom Tickles

(credit: Welcome to Pottersville)

The Week, With Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse in Kidnapping Plot

British junkie Amy Winehouse may have been the target of a kidnapping plot by British criminals. The plot was said to be organized by London Pentonville Prisoners in a bid to get $200,000 from her husband Blake Fielder-Civil. Doesn't it sound like a soap opera? A source tells British newspaper the News Of The World, "Blake's petrified. He's living in fear for Amy's life and his own. At first he thought the guys in here were just trying their luck but the threats have got really bad. He's now under no illusions and convinced they'll go through with what they say. "They've ordered Blake to pay the 100 grand ($200,000) into a secret bank account within the next few days or else... and Amy will be snatched and harmed. She's at her weakest right now, and what with her wandering the streets in the dead of night she's at a massive risk."

AMY WINEHOUSE has been banned from no-strings visits to her jailbird husband after he failed a drugs test.
The troubled singer can now only see BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL, 25, from behind a glass screen with no physical contact.
The move by London’s Pentonville prison, where Fielder-Civil is awaiting trial over assault and trial-fixing allegations, comes after he tested positive last week for a Class A drug, thought to be heroin. Visits to remand prisoners normally take place in an open hall with officers patrolling. But an insider said: “As a precaution, the governor has banned Amy from having any more open visits with Blake. “They now have to meet in a room separated by a bullet-proof glass screen.” Amy, 24, is known to hide drugs in her bird’s-nest hairdo when on stage.

Jagger and Adams invite Winehouse to Caribbean for Christmas

Rockers Mick Jagger and Bryan Adams hope to cure troubled singer Amy Winehouse of her drink and drugs addiction by inviting her to spend Christmas with them in the Caribbean. Jagger and Adams - who both own homes on the island of Mustique - have offered to spend the festive season with Winehouse after her husband Blake Fielder-Civil was told he would be spending Christmas in jail.

Amy Winehouse turned up to visit jailed husband Blake Fielder Civil sporting badly burnt fingers. A spokesperson for the singer said her fingers “are absolutely fine and not blackened.”

Amy Winehouse says 'no, no, no' to Kabbalah

No one can deny Amy Winehouse needs help, but the troubled star won't be turning to Kabbalah for assistance.
The 24-year-old singer set her heart on one of the organisation's trademark red string bracelets after spotting a girl wearing one in the street. Kabbalah?: It's a 'no, no, no' from Wino who reportedly objected to the £18 price tag for a bracelet
The bracelets are said to ward off evil spirits but Amy, it seems, had no interest in their spiritual side – she just wanted one as a fashion statement.

"Amy saw someone wearing one and thought it was cool," says a chum. "She stopped the person who gave her a Kabbalah handbook and told her to see a Kabbalah rabbi if she wanted a bracelet. "Amy baulked when she discovered the bracelets cost £18 and said she'd give the rabbi a miss." The handbook, I'm told, went in the bin.

The Big Picture

(LithiumCola, DocuDharma)

For Nan

English Book Cover

Moggy Experiment

Make Hot Pics

For Nan and Gabe

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To Sparrow

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New One