Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Neverland in Shambles

"When I arrived at Neverland," he writes, "I was surprised to see that it was in shambles. Buildings, amusement rides, industrial equipment, personal automobiles, and Jackson's personal zoo and Tipi village were falling apart. Gardens and lawns were overgrown. Joe Marcus [Jackson's chief of security] and Tohme informed us that Jackson had abandoned the property and has not been there since the trial in 2005." (court-related guy)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mpls Rag Has Article on Courtney's Incomprehensible Bloggings

She's lost it, they conclude.

I am including an actual reference because she is so wordy and they have verbatim excerpts.

Amy's Falls on Further Hard Times

It's not the sound they're looking for.

Here's what Pete Dougherty had to say: “I think we’re very different. Really, really different. She’s hardcore.”

& from the UK Mirror:

Amy Winehouse's beehive on fire

Back to Black singer Amy Winehouse suffered a freak accident when her famous beehived hair caught fire. The 26-year-old singer who recently burned herself while getting herself a fake tan after falling asleep on a sun bed, was jamming with her friends at her new home when the incident happened. As Amy and her friends plugged in their instruments, the fuses blew and sparks lit up her hair. But the Grammy winning artiste quickly doused the flames to salvage her brunette locks.

M.I.A. Replacing Amy Winehouse at Coachella

moreso hot because of Slumdog .. doesn't maybe matter so much that her dad is a Tamil Tiger

Kate Moss Flips Out in Bathroom

started swearing because had to queue up in bathroom of club

A Kardashian Would Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur


Cindy Crawford at 43

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kate Moss

Amy - New Look

Monday, March 16, 2009