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LIVE from Denver: Congressman McDermott in the Big Tent

It was really nice to have Congressman Jim McDermott come by and chat with local bloggers and he was his usual jovial self. I also saw Deborah Senn. It's nice to see people like this visit with bloggers from their home states. It's been happening all day, as long as they are able to go through the right channels to be able to get in. Several times today I have been asked to show my blogger credential. This is short, but I'll add more if any other "locals" are spotted. It's time to get out into the sunlight.

LIVE from Denver: The Media Circus

I was just interviewed by a woman from the New York Times and earlier Katie Couric was running around here with an entourage. Dan Rather spoke upstairs (see story below) but I did not leave this prime couch location, for it's great people watching and eavesdropping, as well as a place to plug in the laptop, drink Blind Roast Coffee (actually roasted by a blind man) and watch representatives of corporate media try to find out what goes on in the Big Tent.

It was enjoyable to tell the reporter why I don't watch television, even to see what others are watching. I don't necessarily eat fast food every day to see what that's like either. I told her that my primary news sources are NPR and the internet and have been ever since the 1991 Gulf War, which the media seemed to treat as a video game. It was amusing when she asked me my cell phone number and I would have had to look it up (since I use it as little as possible) so gave her my email instead. She also found out that I had attended both YearlyKos conventions, NetRoots Nation and the 2004 convention in Boston as well as this one.

Like Rick Steves the travel guru, I believe strongly that it is better to travel "close to the ground." It is pleasant to sit here on my couch and watch an interview going on not ten feet away from me, but I'll soon venture upstairs for the talks or out on the street. Andrew has been able to head over to the Pepsi Center, so will be close to the action. One thing I know - the food will be better here - and cheaper.

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Courtney sued for a million bucks

she did something with the money form Nirvana somehow

Madonna turns 50

Amy on display at Camden Gallery

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THAT'S Rielle?!

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DJ Hell - Keep on Waiting / Warm Leatherette

Miss Kittin - I miss her old website

John Lydon on "Aimless Winehouse"

He says she imitates black music "in an idiotic way."
(That's her MTV award next to cat-shaped crack pipe and she had a "slush puppy" machine installed in her house so she won't have to go out to the cornershop for her ices.

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Speaking of Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has been the focus of paparazzi attention in recent years
Actress Lindsay Lohan has hit out at the Los Angeles police chief after he said the star had "gone gay".
"Police chiefs shouldn't get involved in everyone else's business when it comes to their personal life. It's inappropriate," Lohan said.

Rachel Maddow!

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